Ruby Version

by Maximum Crash

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Constructed with Gameboy beeps and rendered NES bloops.
This is an experimental biographical journey of my last year of high school. It is my highs, my lows, and my soul.
Written with LSDJ and Sunvox.
Born with Mind, Soul, and Human Interaction.

A track that represents the beginning of my journey into the unknown world of Chiptune music. It all began with pressing Start.

An experimental track using LSDJ that studies the aesthetic build of the gameboy.

I'm Tired of Writing these Essays
When my senior year began I was ambitious and prideful, taking whatever came my way and brushing it off my shoulder like it was nothing. However, that fell flat as the year picked up and I soon found that I was bombarded with essays in and out of school. There hasn't been a day when I don't have an essay due, and that's why i'm tired of writing these essays.

Quake Disrupter
Their comes a time when my life begins to "Crash". From writing tons of essays, to a broken family, down to the stress of great expectations. The waves of life cause ruptures on my work and often lead to buggy shifting ideas.

When I start to lose control of my life things start to shake out of control. Leading to leaky and thirsty decisions.

Which then overall can then lead to chaos. A complete and total meltdown of plans, hopes, and dreams.

But, with a little rest and break from everything around me I can easily manage and organize my life into a peaceful state. By figuring out how to prioritize my needs and wants i'm able to get enough sleep in a single day.


released 02 February 2013

Ricky Brugal for the Inspiration
Francis Taylor for inspiring Quake Disrupter
Dollie (Impish Dacae) and Luis Morales for being their.
Rachel Taylor for being me Mum.
Fox Clan for being my family.




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Maximum Crash Mount Vernon, New York

A multiversal creator, Crash develops Video Games as a career and composes music as hobby. Aiming to develop a new genre and create a new experience he exploits the 24 year old Gameboy and brings it's sound output to heights not technologically possible for the console. Hoping to bring dreams to your machines, Crash strays from normal Chip music and composes music inspired by video games and life. ... more

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